The Core of the Store

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Here, at the heart of the shop, you will find words to feed your Heart, Body, & Soul – the wisdom of the ancients alongside the discoveries of today just waiting for your perusal. No one’s path is the same.  Come find out what speaks to you.

  • Native American wisdom or Eastern Mystery traditions?
  • Writings about the Feminine Divine or Earth-reverent traditions?
  • Progressive Christianity and the Gnostic Gospels?

Come on in.  The selection is broad.  Not sure exactly what you’re looking for?  Check out the journeys of other spiritual seekers!  It’s a great way to explore what paths resonate with you.

Want to learn more about consciously working with energy, chakras, or universal laws like the law of attraction?  Intrigued by astrology, herbs, or crystals?  We have all that and more:  Lush poetry that can stop you in your tracks.  Relationship lessons (‘cause let’s face it – we can ALL get better at those!)  Getting unstuck.  Oh, yeah.  Reclaiming your POWER.  Starting over.  Living with death and dying.  Struggling with loss.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re dealing with — others have been there before you.  Come in.  Let us introduce you.  Read their works.  Share in the revelations that helped them go deeper, get stronger, heal, grow, renew, and thrive.  What are you waiting for?



We carry over 70 different herbs as well as a variety of blends and resins.  Our suppliers include Frontier, Mountain Rose, Starwest Botanicals, and AzureGreen, all of whom are known for their careful selection and high quality.   Stop in and check out what we have to offer and — if you don’t find what you’re looking for, let us know.  We may be able to add it to our offerings as well!  Plus you’ll find herbal bath balms and fabulous skin care products like Wise Women Botanicals Peppermint & Lavender Foot Cream (one of Cat’s faves) or Windrift’s awesome body butters, soaps, & lotions.  (You wouldn’t think Huckleberry soap was a thing, but it is a really cool thing!)  All definitely worth a browse ….


Nuwati TeasWe are tea aficionados here at Heart, Body, & Soul – and always have some ‘on tap’ for you to try when you stop by the shop. Our teas come from Mountain Rose and Nuwati, as well as some special blends that Emelie puts together just for us. In need of some relaxation? Try Nuwati’s Cloud-Walking Tea or Mountain Rose’s Peace Tea. Looking for an energetic pick-me-up? Something to take the edge off that upset stomach? Come on in and fine the perfect blend for you.   (But as always, remember that the FDA does not evaluate and has not approved any herbal teas for healing purposes AND of course, you should consult with your medical professional before relying on any herbal remedy to treat a medical condition.)


As our friends at Coventry Candle point out:  “People have been using candles for centuries … to light the darkness, to create ambience, to fill a room with fragrance, for relaxation and for ceremony.”  We have candles for ALL of those things —  as well as blessing candles, spell candles, and just for fun candles!    We have a wide range of Coventry Creations candles available:  Sacred White Sage and Sweet Grass candles to clear the ick out of your space (or life).  New Moon candles, Full Moon candles, Drawing Down the Moon candles.    Pet Blessings and House Blessings and New Marriage Blessing candles (Great wedding gift for those newlyweds!).  Healing candles and Romance candles.   In other words … the fun through flame runs rich and varied here at Heart, Body, & Soul.  Definitely come in and check them all out!



We love jewelry and have great fun picking out pieces to offer.  Our selections run the gamut from gorgeous high-end, custom-designed gemstones to fun, funky stuff guaranteed to make you smile. Gemstone jewelry is a great way to bring the metaphysical energies of particular stones into your life … and we have options at all price levels to help you do just that. And then there are charms, symbol pendants, mala beads, cuff bracelets, gift sets…DANGER ZONE!!  (But isn’t living dangerously so much more fun??)



Gifts for others or gifts just for you. (Hey, no judgment here – we’re all about feeding your own soul as well as that of others!) We also believe inspiration should be an everyday, all around you kind of thing — ‘cause, let’s face it, some mornings we just need reminding that the Universe has our back as we stagger, bleary-eyed to the coffee pot. Melodious wind chimes, wisdom wall-hangings, unique candle-holders, deity statues for all paths, Feng Shui or Native-American décor items. We’ve got lots to check out!

 Essential Oils

Recognition of the soothing power of essential oils and aromatherapy is growing by leaps and bounds, moving from ‘woo-woo land’ to mainstream practice.  (And yes, those of you who’ve known it for a long, long time get to feel all smug and know-it-all while the rest of the world finally catches on, so just get on with it.)  Heart, Body & Soul carries four different brands of oils as well as some oil mixtures, specific to individual tastes and needs — including a wide selection of best-selling Wise Women Botanicals products!   (Of course, the FDA does not evaluate, and has not approved, any herbal remedies for any claimed healing purposes AND of course, you should consult with your medical professional before relying on any herbal remedy to treat a medical condition.)



Whether you like them because they’re powerful or just because they’re pretty, you’ll want to check out our collection.  Tumbled stones and natural points, perfect for carrying in your pocket or a medicine bag (and great gifts for kids!). Spheres in all sizes. Massage wands, palm stones, and geometric shaped crystals (all great for healing work).  Lovely natural stones that amaze afresh at the artistic powerhouse behind this Universe in which we live.  Pick your favorites:  Clear Quartz?  Malachite or Moldavite?  Lapis Lazuli or Azurite? Maybe Amethyst or Lepidolite speak to you.  Tiger Eye, Tiger Iron, Obsidian, or Jet?   Check out the collection of Calcite and Fluorite in their gorgeous ‘coats of many colors.’   Huge chunks of natural Selenite, Sodalite and Rose Quartz  — and the list goes on and on.  The crystals are calling ….!!!  Don’t you know that resistance is futile?