Reaching Beyond Ourselves ...

We at Heart, Body, & Soul are big believers in the importance of paying it forward and giving back — being contributors to the community of which we are a part.   So we identify a different Project or Program (we hate to call them charities) each month to highlight.  We spread the word about their cause in the shop and on our website and talk them up on our social media sites.

We also collect funds for the cause in the shop (so don’t be surprised when you go to check out and get asked if you want to donate a dollar or some change to Second Chance, the Food Bank, or Finding a Cure for Breast Cancer!)

AND of course we then guilt our fellow coffee & tea addicts into contributing to the greater good.  You see, we don’t sell coffee here at HBS.  We just serve it – gratis – to anyone who wants some.  (Because, hey, WE have to have it and figure many of you out there feel the same.  Ditto for you tea-lovers.)   You can always find a cup of coffee or yummy herbal tea, free for the taking at HBS.  And all we ask in return is that you consider making a free-will donation to the current cause.  Really, is that too much to ask??

We didn’t think so either.

This month we’re reaching out for … 


Cheryl Guthrie, a member of the HBS community and regular at our Women’s New Drum Circles, made her transition to spirit on 31 January. The Parks & Recreation department of the City of Columbia, MO was dear to her heart and her family asked that those wishing to remember her make a contribution to Parks & Recreation in lieu of flowers.

And so, in memory of Cheryl and the special place she holds in our heart, we’ve designated our Good Karma Contributions to CoMO P&R., whose Mission is “improving our community’s health, stability, beauty, and quality of life by providing outstanding parks, trails, recreational facilities, and leisure opportunities for all Columbia citizens.”

CoMO Parks and Recreation oversees over 3,100 acres of park land, maintains seventy parks and over fifty miles of trails, and offers programs in ten indoor recreation facilities. Throughout the year they offer a individual and group opportunities for children, youth, and adults:

  • Sports Programming;
  • Aquatics;
  • Adaptive and Outdoor Recreation;
  • Community Recreation;
  • Golf/Concessions;
  • Senior Programming,
  • Cultural Arts and Life Enrichment;
  • Oak Tours;
  • the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC);
  • the summer youth employment program; and
  • Career Awareness and Related Experience (CARE).

They’re also responsible for landscaping our parks, public buildings, median strips, and the District.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about CoMO Parks & Recreation, you can click HERE or go to you can come in to HBS to contribute and join us as we send positive energy, hope, and support into Columbia and beyond in Cheryl’s honor.