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Astrology 101 Series

If you’ve ever wondered what the stars know about you that you don’t, you might want to stop in at HBS on Saturday, July 15 for the first of a 4-part Introduction to Astrology series with Lexi Huff.  Over the four workshops that make up this series, Lexi will be explaining the signs, the planets, astrological houses and planetary aspects — AND give you the chance to not only review and interpret your OWN chart, but also to put your new understandings to use by reviewing someone else’s!  If you already have your chart, bring it with you.  If you’ve never had one prepared, e-mail Lexi at before the first class and she’ll prepare one for you.  Cost for each class is just $20, but seating is somewhat limited so to be SURE you get to take advantage of this opportunity, best to call and reserve your seat.

What if you can’t make the first workshop but want to attend the others?  (Which by the way are on August 19, September 16, and October 21)  No problem, assuming seats are still available. Lexi is teaching each class as a stand-alone workshop so take advantage of the ones you CAN attend even if you can’t make them all.

Eclipse Basics

In case you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t heard, August is the month CoMo gets to experience a full solar eclipse — KIND of a rare event.  If you’d like to hear a bit about the astrological and metaphysical energies that come sweeping along with a solar eclipse, mark your calendar to attend the Coffee & Conversation on Saturday, August 19 (10:30-11:30 am).  Lexi Huff will be leading the discussion that day on All Things Eclipse-related, so you can be prepared to ride the tide with the best of them.

Natal Charts, Solar Return Charts, Couple’s Charts, & more….

If you’d like to dig deeper,  some one-on-one time with astrologer, Lexi Huff, may be just what the metaphysician ordered.   Lexi is doing astrological readings at HBS the first and third Thursday of each month starting August 22.  Each reading is $60 and lasts for one hour.  She can walk you through your very own Natal (Birth) chart, show you what the stars have to say is coming up for you THIS year with a Solar Return chart (always cool to do around your birthday) or yes, even do a couple’s chart with you and your sweetie so you can finally understand WHY s/he insists on being so ___________ [fill in the blank].   To schedule a reading, call HBS at 573-777-6771.  You’ll need to provide your birthdate, time, and place at the time you make your appointment so she can prepare your chart in advance of your reading.

Books, Books, and yes, more Books …

And whether you’re a lifelong astrologer yourself or brand new to the topic, we have books you WILL want to check out. Just a few on the list include:

The Zodiac by Degrees
Planetary Aspects
Astrology and the Rising of the Kundalini
The Complete Book of Chart Rectification
Moon Phase Astrology
Your Astrological Moon Sign
Houses of the Horoscope
Intuition and Your Sun Sign
The Astrology of Fate
Rules of the Horoscope
The Asteroid Goddesses
Cosmic Astrology
Kabbalistic Astrology
Astrology for Writers
Mayan Astrology
Astrology in Ancient Mesopotamia
Taoist Astrology
Chinese Astrology
Cherokee Astrology
Astrology for Your Soul
Astrology for Lovers
Venus Signs
Cosmic Love
and even Blame Your Planet, Bad Birthdays, He’s Just Not in the Stars, and Horrorscopes

See?  I knew you’d want to come check it out.  It was in the stars.

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